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smart warehouses


“General Amcent LP” mainly arranges transports excise goods (mostly alcohol production).

We are working with 2000 to 10000 square meters warehouses over the Kaliningrad, Lithuania and Latvia, and offer to arrange the following operations with cargos of excise goods:

  • Acceptance of cargos of excise goods at warehouses and further dispatch thereof
  • Storage of cargos of excise cargos with European and non-European status
  • Labelling of products with excise stickers and self-adhesive labels
  • Completion of customs procedures
  • Acquisition of excise labels, sticking, and completion of customs formalities with regard to alcohol imported into Latvia
  • Possibility to complete cargos received by sea and road
  • Sorting, packing of cargos, weighing of cargos
  • Storage of containers in own territory at Riga Free Port in Latvia
  • Cargo inspection and control services

All the stored cargos are covered by an insurance policy, and we shall reimburse the client for the losses incurred due to damage of the cargo for which we are found to be responsible.

Together with our partners, we are able to offer the following warehouse services for non-alcoholic productions:


  • Loading and unloading of standard and non-standard size/weight cargos: mechanised (automatic lift, ordinary, crane) and manual
  • Sorting and packing of cargos
  • Possibility to complete cargos received by sea and road
  • Storage of marine containers and non-standard size/weight cargos in own, guarded territory
  • The favourable location of the warehouses allows to provide marine containers from the container storage site within short timelines and at competitive prices
  • Rental and selling of marine containers
  • Selling of pallets

The warehouses have video surveillance systems, security service, ramps, all-purpose special technology, and convenient accesses. All stored cargos are covered by an insurance policy.

The warehouses are able to process up to 20 containers and trucks per day.


  • We Use AI In The Line
  • Smart Warehouse
  • 100% Accuracy