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Small and large companies throughout Europe have been using staff leasing or personnel rent services for over 20 years. More and more employers are facing the problem of finding employees. Companies are growing, staffing is inadequate, we are offering modern staffing solutions.

We at General Amcent LP offers to You workers from Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Moldova. Our Experience shows that these workers are more motivated, hardier and work better.

We can help with forming of all necessary documents and provide full support throughout the entire of working contract, including organization of meeting and accommodation if needed.

We are mostly working with the people, who are specializing in warehouse services (labeling of the stickers, packers, pickers, and other). However, we are developing our database to offer the services in another industries, like hotel staff (mostly cleaning services) and truck drivers.

Excise labels and stickers are applied manually to avoid production errors. Our employees continuously work according to the highest standards of cleanliness and monitor the placement of the excise label and sticker on the bottle.

The commodity is labelled following the specification provided by the client, which includes the ranges of the labels and the corresponding product names. Currently, we are able to organize labeling for up to 20 vehicles a day using the Russian and Ukrainian labels in the warehousing in Kaliningrad, Lithuania and Latvia.